Best-Friendship: New Clea DeCrane Project, 'Can't/Won't' Demystifies the BFF Relationship

Us girls/ladies are a wonderful and complicated bunch (to say the very least) and the friendships between us can be some of the most rewarding, emotionally safe, and cherished connections we ever experience.

Throughout my life, I know that my (close) friendships with women have been far more intense and subject to periodic tension than have my friendships with men. Yet, for a few exceptions (my husband being one of them), most of my closest friends have been female.

American films, whether they are comedies or dramas, regularly depict the masculine “buddy” relationship. Far less often are we offered movies that honestly explore and celebrate the female “best-friendship” (my word?). Their potential for unbridled glee, profound pain, and utter confusion is, in comparison, fairly untapped in a world of Butches and Sundances. However…

My longtime student Clea DeCrane is doing her part to fill the void!

She and her best friend and collaborator, Molly-Margaret Johnson, have co-written the short film, Can’t/Won’t, which explores the trials and tribulations of a pair of best girlfriends who, without intention, have developed an unhealthy dependence on one another. The movie is about how they try to save their friendship, without sacrificing their personal sanity. (Ahem, girls – you know we have all been there!) Johnson will direct and Clea will co-star with Actress Annapurna Sriram (Showtime’s Billions). I can’t wait to see this film, and support Clea!

To bring their project to the screen, Clea and Molly-Margaret have begun a funds-raising campaign on Kickstarter, which gives a peek into their vision and their spirit.

They have passed the halfway point and need that push to reach their goal. Please check out their Kickstarter page, page and help them get their movie made. Every little bit counts!

Clea DeCrane is easily one of the most talented actresses I have ever had the privilege of working with in my classes. Her work is consistently honest, intelligent, brave and poignant. Her career is one to ABSOLUTELY follow. She’s going to do great things and this is just the beginning.

When you read her bio below, you will understand why I am so insanely proud of her and how seriously she has taken her craft. I’m thrilled about the learning and performing opportunities she’s exploring and so completely deserves.

About Clea DeCrane

As far as she can remember, Clea DeCrane always wanted to tell stories and growing up in Los Angeles to screenwriter parents, this passion was supported from a young age. When she was five, she started school in a Spanish immersion program.  “That's when my love of language began to blossom: how phrases could or could not translate. How suddenly I could express myself only in a word in Spanish but not English.  I started playing the trumpet and learning music – another language altogether.  Later, I started learning French. A new language: a new key to a new world. More stories.” 

Acting came later. Through high school she took studio classes with me, and then flew east to pursue a BFA degree in acting at Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. At Rutgers, she studied with Kevin Kittle, Barbara Marchant, and Deborah Hedwall. Through college, she traveled to Paris and studied with French dramaturge Simon Chemama, and to London to study with Tim Carroll at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.  

Last May, after graduation, she moved to New York City to pursue a career in theatre and has since performed in EST’s Metrocards, in Lynn Nottage’s Las Meninas with The New Brooklyn theatre, and in The Flea Theater's 'but i cd only whisper.’ She is now currently understudying the role of Nina in the Off-Broadway play Stupid F**cking Bird at The Pearl Theater.